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Friday, October 10, 2014

The countdown to graduation begins

Yesterday I electronically signed the form to register for graduation on December 18th. It has been a long and arduous road and I still have about 10,000 words to write. The next three weeks are going to be incredibly busy and stressful to meet my deadlines.

I love the process of learning and within me I have this thirst for knowledge that I hope shines through when I talk to both teachers and students in the Library.

I was however, secretly excited by the fact that I get a new set of colours and a Mortarboard hat! I've been a bit bored by my Bachelor of Education (Arts) colours ... these new swishy ones will look just fabulous!

At our school we have four occasions throughout the year where the teaching staff need to wear their gowns. It is a great opportunity for students to ask you what you have studied and you can have a chat to them about your learning journey. Teachers need to be proud of their academic achievements and students need to see that celebration quite clearly. When you talk to students in the library and mention that you are studying, they have a real appreciation for the authenticity of the advice that you are giving them in regards to writing an essay or doing a test. It isn't something that you did 20 years ago and have forgotten about. It is something that you have experienced recently.

I'll be glad when I finish and I can look back and see my accomplishments from the top of the mountain, but more importantly I will be qualified to pursue this next stage of my career, ALIA Qualified, with a Higher Education degree behind me.

Then I can start to think of my next degree!

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