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Friday, August 29, 2014

Parked Links

via Flickr

I am parking a few links here so that I can follow them up later. I find this a good habit rather than bookmarking them and forgetting them ....

Monday, August 4, 2014

A visit to the Tutor Collaborative Learning Centre

I visited the Tutor Collaborative Learning Centre at Trinity Grammar last Friday. An old friend Colin Potts, who used to be Deputy Head and was on the planning Committee for the new building.

My relationship with Trinity Grammar is a long one, it was my first teaching job out of Uni 20 years ago! Colin took a gamble on me and hired me to teach a Year 11 class.

I taught in a lab without internet access (because there was no such thing as affordable internet access at this time). So the students were not distracted by the interwebs, and every morning and every night we switched on the internet computer, downloaded and uploaded emails. 20 years later, kids have non-stop access and this building reflects the growing needs of those students.

The space, even though many who use and work in it regard it as a library, had many positive attributes that you might look at if you are building new learning space.