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Friday, September 12, 2014

What type of Library user are you?

Going through my normal crawl of the various research sites online, I came across this survey and wondered how it could be used in a school library setting. 

The survey gives the person being surveyed a category dependent on whether they perceive the local library as being important to both their and their communities needs.

So what am I? 

Library Lovers have strikingly positive views of public libraries compared with other groups, and with the U.S. population; they use libraries and library websites more than any other group, and most believe libraries are essential at the personal as well as the community level. This group’s members are disproportionately younger than the general population. It also includes many parents, students,

Applying this idea to a school library ...

  • The report showing the data gathered gives you the questions in the survey in a format that you could copy and paste into survey monkey. Presentation by Pew.
  • If your school teaches VCE Year 11 Information Technology then they could survey library patron's as part of their Infographics or Data Visualisation unit.
  • University of NSW have their Library User Survey online for all to use. I would look at ammending this survey to suit a school setting.

Have you done a school library engagement survey?

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