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Monday, June 8, 2015

Super Awesome Sylvia

On Friday at Northern Beaches Christian School I had the opportunity to take part in a workshop with Gary Stager and Super Awesome Sylvia.

I have heard Gary talk a number of times before and I know him professionally from my days at Methodist Ladies' College. But this was an opportunity to participate in a workshop and chew the fat over a few issues.

Gary is provocative and really challenges the way in which you look at technology in schools. He won't provide the answers neatly wrapped up product in a box for you, but what he will do is get you to think deeply about the philosophy and pedagogy behind your technology program.

So after a presentation from Gary, Sylvia took over the reigns and spoke about the projects she has worked on and the WaterColor Bot that she collaborated on.

This is not her first time speaking in front of a group of educators, Sylvia came to us via Edutech in Brisbane where she keynoted for a room of educators. She has also presented at TED!

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