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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ode to the Junk Mail folder

It was with anticipation,
that I checked every hour,
would I get THAT email,
or would it all turn sour?

I knew that I had passed.
I had it clear on paper.
But when the email didn't arrive,
my dreams, they turned to vapor.

So it was with heavy heart,
that I started my investigation,
searching through my junk mail folder
holding high, my expectation.

That an email would validate,
my years of working hard.
That my study would be over,
that I could use M. Ed (TL) on my business card.

And there it was sitting,
with [SPAM] in the subject line.
The email I had been waiting for.
Graduation would be mine.

Margaret Lawson (c) 2014

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