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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Relationship between science fiction and user interfaces

A fascinating presentation (15 minutes) on the relationship between science fiction and user interfaces by Chris Noessel.
When I started to use computers, there was no mouse and everything was keyboard controlled. The Control Key was the most important one on the keyboard. Our user interfaces have evolved so intuitively at the moment that a 3 year old can use it! We connect user interfaces with operating systems; Windows, MacOX.
The history of operating systems is interesting, with the first graphical user interface being the Macintosh operating system that Apple released in 1984.

The start of the presentation shows the natural use of data visualisation tools to make decisions; word/tag cloudcharts.
How many of the sci-fi movies have you seen that he identifies? 

Let us make a few observations about this blog post for a minute ....
This blog post
  • asks questions (encourages feedback) from the reader
  • Links to other web sites that will add depth to the topic that is being discussed
  • Has an image or an embedded video to engage the reader in the topic that is being discussed.
What this blog post (SchoL) does not have is:
  • Meta tags
  • Prompts to connect the user to other posts in your blog using algorithms which call up posts that are similar.
  • Encourages the users to connect via social media (Twitter, Pinterest)
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