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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How do I use social networking?

I have a big digital footprint personally and professionally.  At the moment I have a number of social media accounts. I have noticed that if they are not hooked up to my smartphone, then I tend not to use them as much.

Social Networking Tool Personal Work
Facebook I have a personal account that I use to communicate with friends. Of which I am not going to link to here! I have a business page in Facebook but not an account associated with my role as a Teacher Librarian.

Konstant Kaos business images

Instagram Record my adventures Images that are pertinent to work or school

Professional presence and record of my work experience


A microblogging tool which limits your posts to 140 characters. Use the hashtag to indicate the topic of your tweet.

Konstantkaos twitter pushes out links to my crafty business blog.
Infowhelm twitter pushes out links from my Infowhelm blog or links to do with library and information systems.

Livejournal Totally private and personal journalling site.

Professional, but I don’t necessarily like using it. The scattergun approach to tagging bookmarked sites is not something that I enjoy doing!

I would probably much prefer to do a blog post on an article that I have found interest in.

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