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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Display ideas for Libraries

My daughters school is moving most of their fiction collection out of the library into learning zones throughout the school as part of their strategy to encourage recreational reading. Students will be able to   check out and check in books via RFID technology.

The primary school library will then evolve to host the non-fiction section with a focus on information literacy.

At my secondary school where I work as a teacher librarian, we have a calm reading program in the library. English classes from Years 7 - 10 spend a lesson every fortnight in the library reading. "But they could do that in their classrooms" I hear you say! But coming to our library gives them access to the entire fiction collection, specialist librarians that can assist with book choices and try and build a love of reading.

One way to create atmosphere is to build displays that inspire students to pick up a book, or even better, borrow and read one. One of our librarians is quite skilled at creating interesting displays that encourage recreational reading. Her recent display, from book to movie is forever changing whenever a new adaptation comes out.

Here are some really cool links to some blogs and pinterest boards to inspire you.
We are slowly doing up our calm reading section of the library, so I had a play around on illustrator and made the following sign. I am initially going to print it to A4 colour and put it up above the shelf. But I could imagine that you could modge podge it to lumps of wood or canvas and create some depth to the sign. All crafty fun!

You can download the file through slideshare

What do you think?

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