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Friday, March 22, 2013

Measuring the effectiveness of Guided Inquiry in the classroom

I came across this great article which has some interesting things in it about Guided Inquiry in Schools and Evidence Based Practice.

At the moment we are developing our Whole School Information Literacy strategy and part of it is showing the school community that we are making a difference.

"The project and case study are discussed as student practice, and as a means of gathering data about student learning using the School Library Impact Measure (SLIM) Toolkit, while highlighting the use of wiki as an organising tool. "

The School Library Impact Measure Toolkit can be found on the Reuters web site with some great examples of some reflection sheets.

I am looking forward to reading about the result of Fitzgerald's research and trying it out for myself.


Fitzgerald, L. (2011). The twin purposes of Guided Inquiry: guiding student inquiry and evidence based practice. In Scan Vol 30 No 1

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