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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


While reading through Donham’s Chapter on Leadership [1], the part that spoke about luck and serendipity reminded me of a phrase that a former colleague told me a few years back, “there is no such thing as a lack of resources, only a lack of resourcefulness” .. luckily Pinterest has given us this (

The topic up for discussion with this reading is:

"The Donham article refers to journalling and how useful it can be. The idea of journalling can be translated as blogging in our web 2.0 world. "

I would argue that the comment on journaling as a method of reflection, doesn’t necessarily translate into “blogging” per say. I would hesitate to reflect to the depth suggested by Donham in my blog, it is far too “open” and accessible to others within my school community. Blogging with such detail would be in breech of my school’s social networking policy. However, I would choose to reflect at that level using more closed systems such as Livejournal, where I could closely manage who is reading my thoughts.

The use of a blog for reflection in a professional sense has to be closely managed. Blog entries should be singular in focus, link to articles, sites or people that enrich what you are doing. The use of web sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and Flickr can be used to reflect, challenge or inspire in an open blogging environment without compromising professional integrity.

1. Donham, J. (2005). Leadership. In Enhancing teaching and learning : a leadership guide for school library media specialists (2nd ed.) (pp. 295-305). New York : Neal-Schuman Publishers.

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