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Friday, March 16, 2012

Where is the evidence - Assignment 1

For Assignment 1 we are meant to choose a section of the curriculum that needs resourcing in the school and then go through the motions of choosing resources and justifying the process that we went through.

My first point of call was the Head Librarian at my school. He gave me some guidance on the areas that he felt was lacking. But my IT head on my shoulders asks the question "Where is the evidence?".

If I had more time with this Assignement I would develop a tool that I could use with the Heads of Faculties regularly within a school environment to evaluate whether the collection is meeting the needs of the teachers. A simple survey that you could use regularly at the end of a unit perhaps, as part of the evaluation process (thinking this through for Assignment 2).

But so far I am loving this area of Library Studies. Not only from the logistical point of view, but it is all about systems, and I love systems! The aspect that I am finding the most interesting is the inclusion of technology into the mix. How does that affect both the acquisition and use of resoures?


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