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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Free Bookmarks for your School Library

We love Canva in our Learning Commons. We use it for most of our advertising and poster needs. It is easy to use and we can share publications amongst the library staff when working on larger projects.

We had run dry in terms of bookmarks, so I whipped up a few designs using free images in Canva. Students grab a bookmark when they are borrowing fiction, or we use them to write things on the back for students. We try and turn the bookmarks over to suit the "season" in the Learning Commons.

You should be able to save these images and print it as an A4 landscape document using thick card (180gsm).

I set up the document using Canva Frames effect, so that I could manipulate each image individually, zooming in on a point of interest.

Each of these pages are spliced on the guillotine, 5 sheets at a time.

Did you use these bookmarks? Let us know!