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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

5 free printable bookmarks for your circulation desk

I came across some lovely printable bookmarks that might work well for the school library. Yes I know that eBooks are the way of the future but kids love it when you put a bookmarks into a book that they have borrowed. Make it easy for them to start reading the book straight away!

Picklebum's has so much great stuff on their site, especially if you have small children running around.

I found this next one on Tumbler, so I am not sure who own's copyright over it. But if your Year 8's are going nuts over John Green, then this collection is for you. I'd love to print off the John Green bookmarks and get the kids who have read the book to make their own. It could be a good Library Week activity.

via Tumblr

I love these bee bookmarks -  so cute! The site is great as well, worth a meander through! I love the article on Interesting and Fun bookmarks.

I thought that these ones were rather cute. Some of them could be used for Library Lovers Day which falls on a Saturday this year.

And of course, ALIA Library Lovers Day is happening again this year.

via ALIA

And of course, don't forget those creative souls that just want to make their own bookmark. Design your own bookmark is a free template that you can use.

I would print these off on the thickest card that you can afford, or take the files to one of the small business print shops and they will print them and guillotine them for you as well.